La Trattoria.
We thought to our restaurant as a place where people can stay comfortable eating the finest Sardinian food.
A very functional and simple place with an enthusiastic approach to service and where you can be assured of delicious food and wine.
The Restaurant.
Our restaurant is located in the ground floor of the building: a small but cosy dining room, where you can taste our deliciosness, but our strenght is the wide covered veranda where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze sheltered from the hot summer sun while eating our pizza or our meals. A warm welcome and a friendly service complement the  quality food in an informal atmosphere to satisfy the most delicate palate (and the most hungry).
The Menù.
From the classic Italian cuisine to the best traditional dishes of Sardinian cuisine, from the Sardinian sweeets to our liqueurs (above all mirto) and not to forget our wines... and remenber to book!

Our cuisine.
Our cuisine: classic, traditional and contemporary!
A simple but complete menù make you enjoy the smell and the flavour of the best traditional Italian and Sardinian cuisine, pizza included. From the seafood  starters to the first courses, the best “Fregula Mare e Monti” or to the marvellous grilled, the quality is always high in fact  the fish comes directly from the fishing boats of our sea. But the basics of Sardinian cuisine are also meat-based: the “Malloreddos” with beef sauce, the renowed young pig roasted on a spit with myrtle and juniper. Add to these the typical Sardinian  cheese and desserts, above all the “Seadas”.
Are you thirsty? “The water is to the sea, the wine on the table”!
The best-value wine lists, from the best Sardinian tradition, the liqueurs, from the famous “filu e ferru” a fiery grappa-like and our home-made mirto, made from the berries of wild myrtle which you should drink chilled... Slake your thirst!
But our strenght is the special main course of the day prepared with care and flair by our cook, a mix of classic and contemporary, of fresh fish and  land-based cuisine. And this is just a taste... aren’t you full up yet? Discover our delicacies!!!
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